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Insigneo Showcase

Insigneo Showcase

The Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine celebrated its first anniversary with a Showcase event at The Edge, Endcliffe Village, Sheffield University on the 8th May 2014.

The Showcase has been a great opportunity to present the development of practical, innovative products and solutions within the industrial sector and views on advancing research and development in the areas of opportunity opened up by in silico medicine.

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VPH Conference

VPH 2014

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is very pleased to have been awarded to host the 3rd VPH conference by the Virtual Physiological Human Institute. This biannual conference series grew out of the FP7 Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence.

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Holistic image of the human body down to the molecular level

Real and virtual patients

In silico medicine will help patients by bringing together medical and physical information into sophisticated models that will help doctors understand more about the way an individual person's body behaves. These models, which run on powerful computers, will give us a greater understanding of the way the environment, ageing and illness affect the whole body, from a microscopic level through to the whole body.

This knowledge will help you, and your doctor make the best decisions to improve your quality of life

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Surgeons at work using virtual systems.

Virtual systems in clinical practice

Our technology has the power to transform clinical practice. In silico technology is being used to build accurate personalised models of the human body which can be used to support decision making, test treatment options and run clinical trials.

Computer based models of the human body make it possible to explore the interaction of biochemical, electrical, physical and environmental factors within the body and to tailor treatments to individual patients.

Using in silico techniques, hospitals will be able to treat more people, more efficiently, while saving on valuable resources.

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Illustration of research themes at INSIGNEO

Research into in silico medicine

Our Research focus over the next five years will be:

The Digital Patient: Creating a personalised in silico model of each patient using their detailed medical and anatomical data

In silico trials: Running clinical trials using accurate personalised models, and a population of models

Personalised Health Forecasting: Creating integrative in silico models able to give each individual an accurate prediction of their short and long term future health

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The Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine has been created to achieve the scientific ambition behind the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH), producing a transformational impact on healthcare.

Insigneo brings together highly respected researchers and clinicians from across the University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Members collaborate across disciplines and with international partners in industry, academia and healthcare. This enables Insigneo to define and address, with the wider VPH community, clinical and technological challenges inherent in in silico medicine.

Diary of events


Tue 9th VPH2014, Trondheim, Norway
Annual VPH conference.
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