A core benefit Insigneo provides for its members is the use of a number of collaborative facilities. Insigneo’s computational infrastructures now include 11 new nodes to the central Iceberg cluster, each with 16 cores and 256 GB of memory, plus three GPU nodes; a new SGI Shared memory cluster; and a small virtualised cluster located at RHH. Within the new Pam Liversidge Building we operate an experimental biomechanics lab, a mechanobiology lab, and a movement and perception lab (jointly with Sheffield Robotics). In Medicine, as part of the Doctoral Development Programme initiative, we are deploying a new medical image processing and modelling lab (DDP lab) in cardiovascular science. We also operate the small animals in vivo microCT system in collaboration with the Department of Human Metabolism.

To exploit the critical mass of Insigneo membership and provide services and support for Insigneo members in key areas, workgroups have been established to promote the development of facilities at the level of the Institute. The facilities workgroups are as follows:

Software facilities – contact: w.furnass@sheffield.ac.uk

Computing facilities – contact: a.j.narracott@shef.ac.uk

Experimental facilities – contact: c.perrault@shef.ac.uk


Research and clinical space at the Clinical Research Facility, Northern General Hospital


To find out more download the PDF: Space in the Northern General Hospital