Insigneo Board Members

Professor Marco Viceconti – Executive Director

Marco Viceconti
Marco Viceconti is a Professor of Biomechanics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and  Associate Professor to the Department of Human Metabolism at the University of Sheffield.  He is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine, a joint initiative of the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to this he was the Technical Director of the Medical Technology Lab at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna, Italy. His main research interests are related to the development and validation of medical technology, especially that involving simulation, and primarily in relation to neuromusculoskeletal diseases. He has published over 200 papers, mostly indexed in Medline, and serves as reviewer for many international funding agencies and peer-reviewed journals. Marco Viceconti is one of the key figures in the emerging Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) community. Co-author of the first white paper on the VPH; scientific co-ordinator of the seminal VPH research roadmap; “VPH ambassador” for the VPH Network of Excellence and Co-ordinator of the VPHOP integrated project.

Professor Damien Lacroix – Director of Research


Damien Lacroix is Professor of Mechanobiology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has a first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA Lyon, France) and a PhD in Biomechanics from Trinity College Dublin. After a post-doc in 2001 in Toulouse (France) for Smith and Nephew at the Purpan Hospital, he was awarded a Marie-Curie TMR EU fellowship in 2002 and a Ramon y Cajal senior fellowship in 2004 at the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain). In 2008 he was appointed Group Leader of Biomechanics and Mechanobiology at the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (Spain). Damien joined the Department in 2012 when he took a Chair in Biomedical Engineering within the Insigneo research institute. Professor Lacroix’s research covers bone mechanobiology (bone tissue engineering, bone distraction and fracture healing) and spine biomechanics (mechanobiology of disc degeneration, disc angiogenesis and disc implant analysis). From March to July 2015 Professor Damien Lacroix was on a 5 month secondment in Kyoto, Japan, to work alongside Professor Taiji Adachi. The trip has been highly beneficial for MultiSim research, which Professor Lacroix is the Director of, as it will enable him to study multi-scale methods to further bridge the scale from cellular level up to whole organism level.

Dr Andrew Narracott – Director of Operations


Andrew Narracott is a Senior Lecturer in the Medical Physics Group, Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease. He completed a Masters degree in Physics in 1997 and a PhD in Medical Physics in 2002, both in Sheffield. The focus of his PhD was the simulation and experimental measurement of the interaction between balloon catheters and coronary stents.

Dr Narracott has  completed a number of post-doctoral projects, including a post at the RIKEN Institute in Tokyo. Since being appointed as a lecturer in 2012, Dr Narracott has delivered undergraduate medical physics teaching in Sheffield and contributed to PhD training at the European level through Marie Curie Training Networks.

Dr Narracott’s research interests include simulation and experimental measurement of the cardiovascular system, with focus on the role of the venous circulation in health and disease.

Dr Gwendolen Reilly – Director of Training

Gwendolen Reilly is Senior Lecturer in Bioengineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. She has been a member of academic staff at the University of Sheffield since 2004. She received her DPhil in Biology at the University of York, specializing in bone biomechanics. She has previously undertaken post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State College of Medicine and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in cell biomechanics, biomaterials and bone structure respectively. Subsequently, she undertook a position as Research Assistant Professor in Bioengineering at the University of Illinois, Chicago specializing in tissue engineering. Gwen’s current research combines her expertise in biomechanics, biomaterials and orthopaedics.

Dr Paul Morris – Director of Translation

Dr Paul Morris is NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology in the Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease. He joined the University of Sheffield in 1998 when he came to study Medicine. During this time, he developed an interest in cardiology and research. He intercalated a BMedSci degree and investigated the role of testosterone in men with heart disease. He qualified as a medical doctor in 2004 and became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2007. Paul was awarded his PhD (Computational Modelling of Coronary Artery Disease) in 2016 and now spends half his time working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as an interventional cardiologist and the other half developing computational, physics-based models of cardiovascular pathophysiology at Sheffield University. He became Director for Translation at the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine in 2017. As part of this role, he wants to encourage clinicians to become involved in in silico research by teaming them up with like-minded academics at Insigneo.