Insigneo for Members

Membership of the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine brings access to an interdisciplinary research community of over 150 academics and clinicians drawn from the University of Sheffield’s faculties of Engineering, Medicine, and Science, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Membership Categories:

There are currently two levels of membership available:

Membership Benefits:

An overview of membership benefits is provided in the following table with further details below.


Associate Members
Pre-Award Support x x
Post Award Support x  
HPC access/support x x
Software Licenses x x
Clinical/research space x x
Summer research programme   x
Communications support x x
Events x x
Specific funding calls x x


  • Pre-award support – including grant preparation, industrial links, commercialisation of grant outputs, REF guidance.
  • Post-award Support – project management, finance and administration expertise and resources.
  • Access to Insigneo’s High Performance Computing resources – best practice in software development and sustainability, technical training/support for Insigneo staff and students, Data Management procedures and infrastructure. Further details can be found here.

    this site is only accessible from within the University of Sheffield network.
  • Access to dedicated software licenses – Further details can be found here
  • Access to Insigneo’s clinical and research space at the Northern General and Royal Hallamshire Hospitals – dedicated space is available on both sites to facilitate clinical data collection and support research activities. For further information on availability please contact Lesley Statham (
  • Summer Research Programme – an excellent opportunity for PhD students and post-docs to supervise undergraduate students to undertake a project – computational or experimental – within the Insigneo remit and hosted in the research group of an Insigneo member, providing training in project management, recruitment and supervisory experience.
  • Communications support – promotion of general activities in the Insigneo Newsletter and the Institute website. Support for events linked to the Insigneo Showcase and Insigneo seminars or workshops.
  • Events – Insigneo holds two annual events, the Insigneo Showcase and the General Assembly. The Insigneo Showcase provides a focus for Insigneo “friends” from funding agencies, regulatory agencies, industry, other academic groups in UK and worldwide to meet and see first-hand the latest innovations produced by our institute. The General Assembly provides an open forum for members and researchers to hear from Insigneo’s Board of Directors, ask questions and network. In addition, members have the opportunity to invite and host speakers as part of the Insigneo seminar programme.
  • Specific funding calls – opportunities for members and associate members to apply for internal research funding (e.g. CASE studentships and bridging funds for PhD students/post-docs)