Workshop: Multi-scale Analysis of Host-microbe Interactions – Register by 31st March

Workshop: Multi-scale Analysis of Host-microbe Interactions – Register by 31st March

UK Multiscale Biology Network hosts a workshop on multiscale analysis of host-microbe interactions and thanks to generous funding from the BBSRC, this workshop has no registration fee and many travel grants available.

Visit the Multi-scale Biology Network website to register for this workshop.

Registration deadline has been extended to 31st March.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Bring together key experts and early-stage scientists working on host-microbe interactions, including pathogen infections, commensals and microbiome level studies
  • Share novel scientific ideas on the multiscale investigation of host-microbe interactions
  • Provide an exciting opportunity to establish and improve cross-disciplinary and UK-wide collaborations

After kicking off with three keynote speakers on current challenges, the program provides structured study groups to discuss:

  1. Novel methodological approaches
  2. Potential future projects requiring participants from different disciplines
  3. The best ways to get funding for such multi-disciplinary projects.

We will facilitate these goals with short presentations and brainstorming opportunities in coordinated team work, and with panel discussion with representatives of key relevant funding agencies and charities. Keynote speakers are:

Call for Project

In principle, any project (or project idea) that involves host-microbe interactions is invited, even if it focuses only on the host or on the microbe side. Potential topics include (but not limited to) biofilm formation, rhizobiome or gut microbiome studies, antibiotic resistance, and host-pathogen modelling. Modelling approaches on molecular or population level are all encouraged to apply.

Funders talks and Posters 

We will provide a platform to discuss field-specific questions and challenges with key funding agencies and charities. The output ideas of the study groups will have the chance to directly get a feedback from representatives of the research councils and charities about potential funding ways. In parallel, flash presentations and posters about your existing projects can also increase the visibility of your research.

Arrangements and registration 

Refreshments, lunches and dinner will be provided. There is no registration fee but you have to register before 31st March. The MSB Network can provide a contribution to travel costs of up to £50 (UK) each for up to 40 attendees. We can arrange a cheap and pleasant accommodation at the campus on a discounted rate for participants.

To register and view a draft schedule of the day please visit the Multi-scale Biology Network website.