Starworks Sandpit 4: Digital innovations to enhance life with prosthetics

Starworks Sandpit 4: Digital innovations to enhance life with prosthetics

Funded by the Department of Health, the NIHR Child Prosthetics Research Collaboration is bringing together children, families, healthcare professionals, academics and industry experts to creatively and collaboratively address the biggest challenges for child prosthetic technology and service provision, through a series of Sandpit events.

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In this final, celebratory Sandpit event, they will be exploring the journey that children and their families take through the child prosthetics service from multiple perspectives, and the opportunities within that for innovation. They hope to consider how families and professionals can collaborate as the child grows and develops, both within the hospital and community settings, in order to enable them to live their life to the fullest extent. This will include:

  • Enhancing information provision, planning and decision-making, particularly when a child and their family first enter the service.
  • Providing new ways for children and healthcare professionals to interact and work together – are there technology-assisted ways in which children and/or parents can give feedback or data on how the prosthesis is performing between appointments?
  • Considering service experiences that are particular to children, including environment, duration and frequency of appointments, methods of assessment, training and encouragement to use the prosthetic, etc.
  • As such a complex service system is dependent on multiple participants, they look forward to bringing together families, healthcare professionals, academics and industry professionals to co-explore and co-create within this theme. Alongside this, they will also be asking the children to help them in a top-secret side-project celebrating their creativity and humour – no grown-ups allowed (yet)!

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