Integrated Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics (IMSB) group team building day

Integrated Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics (IMSB) group team building day

On Friday 25 January 2019 the Insigneo Institute’s Integrated Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics (IMSB) group held their annual team building event at The Holt Café and Creative Space, Sheffield.

The day involved completing a number of team challenges on the theme of ‘Chain Reaction’ in and around Sheffield City Centre and concluded with a chain reaction of cascades built from an inventive mix of toy cars, dominos, ball-bearings, with sections built over the day by the individual teams.

Well done to all the teams who took part and thank you to Bart van Veen and Tugba Cebe who organised the day!

The IMSB group within Insigneo is based in the Pam Liversidge Building and operates across Faculties and Departments. It is led by Claudia Mazzà, Gwen Reilly, Shannon (Xinshan) Li, Enrico Dall’Ara, Pinaki Bhattacharya and Lingzhong Guo. The group conducts applied and fundamental research in neuromusculoskeletal biomechanics and tissue engineering, with a specific interest in biological processes that to be properly explained require integration of multiple mechanisms observable at radically different space-time scales.

Our long-term vision is to develop integrative computational models of the neuromusculoskeletal system that span from the cell to the whole body, and can be individualised for each patient, in order to make clinically relevant predictions, or for representative populations, to support the design and the pre-clinical assessment of new biomedical products. To the purpose, we also develop in vitro and in vivo experiments, used to verify the predictive accuracy of such computer models.