Annamaria Carusi featured in NC3Rs Adverse Outcome Pathways newsletter

Annamaria Carusi featured in NC3Rs Adverse Outcome Pathways newsletter

Insigneo member Annamaria Carusi, was one of the experts included in the NC3Rs Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) newsletter, speaking on social aspects of AOPs.

The NC3Rs is a UK-based scientific organisation dedicated to replacing, refining and reducing the use of animals in research and testing (the 3Rs). Their Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) newsletter is for scientists, risk assessors and regulators with an interest in pathways-based approaches.


Dr Annamaria Carusi, University of Sheffield
Greater awareness and support for AOP development

It may be obvious to say that the AOP approach will be more valuable as it gains a critical mass of researchers and other stakeholders using it, and as there is a substantial increase in the number of AOPs that are easily accessible and shareable. But to achieve this, there needs to be greater awareness of the AOP Framework as both a scientific and a social tool, as it organises scientific information and knowledge in such a way as to make it shareable with others, that is, it fulfils a social function that needs organisational and institutional support. So that AOPs can be populated as extensively as they need to be for the different uses to be made of them, they need to be unbound from the traditional publishing system. For there to be a groundswell of support for the approach from individual researchers and labs that translates into uploading and sharing AOPs, it is crucial that the approach be ‘owned’ by an organisation that is capable of setting in place a sustainable long-term strategy that promotes open access data publishing, community led standardisation, and engagement with core stakeholders beyond academic research.

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