Child prosthetics – news from the Starworks Innovation project

Child prosthetics – news from the Starworks Innovation project

Posted by: Sarah Hollely Date: 31/05/17

We are very pleased to bring you news from our strategic partner, Devices for Dignity, on their child prosthetics research project – Starworks Innovation.

Starworks is a young people’s prosthetics research collaboration and will bring children and their families together with key opinion leaders from the NHS, Industry, Clinical Academia and leading National Research Centres with capabilities in child prosthetics.

The project is now well underway with activity taking place in all four of the project’s key areas:

Children and Families
Children and Families are central to this whole process and by working with the charities and Limb Centres during May Starworks Innovation is visiting a number of centres to undertake focus groups with younger children, older children and parents/carers. They want to understand how children and parents live day to day with a prosthesis and find out further details around utilising NHS services and experiences of different limbs.

Clinical Professionals
Starworks Innovation is engaging with clinical teams who work day to day with children and parents to understand what works and what doesn’t. This will identify barriers to activity limb provision and highlight key priorities for research and development for effective prosthetics.

Starworks Innovation wants to identify the best areas of outstanding research and development currently within child prosthetics. This will include engagement with the academic community and identifying new advances within military provision.

Starworks Innovation is working with industry to look at and identify areas of excellence and barriers within new developments of prosthetics limbs. They will also identify current and future industry needs and requirements.

The purpose of undertaking the needs assessment with these four key areas is to identify research priorities for a funding call in the autumn where funding will be available across multiple proof of concept projects.

The results of this needs assessment will be used to stimulate new research activity to meet the identified needs of children, their families and the NHS and will lead to targeted funding for areas of research within their larger sandpit events coming in the Autumn 2017, to register interest for these events contact

Find out more at their website: