Call for Applications: Priorities in Clinical Research – deadline 24th May

Call for Applications: Priorities in Clinical Research – deadline 24th May

Clinical research delivers healthcare science that develops and evaluates the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease.

Call for applications
Arthritis Research UK are now inviting applications for clinical research funding in the areas highlighted in the current clinical studies group strategies. We aim to fund innovative research that seeks to address key clinical research priorities that will change practice and impact on quality of life, utilising novel trial design and methodological approaches on the basis of established feasibility and pilot work.

Defining clinical research priorities
Since 2008, clinical research priorities have been determined primarily by our seven clinical studies groups, which were created to develop strategies that identified the key priority areas and study questions designed to improve patient outcome in given disease areas. More information on the current strategies can be found on the individual clinical study group webpages.

In future, priority areas will be determined by the charity and new disease, treatment and health subcommittees with input from advisory groups, which builds on the clinical studies groups activity.

In line with this, review and recommendation of clinical research funding is being undertaken by a new committee going forward; our treatment subcommittee replaces our previous clinical studies subcommittee. This call for applications is the inaugural call for the treatment subcommittee, and is seeking to continue to draw on the clinical studies group activities.

Deadline for applications
The deadline for full applications is 24th May 2017. For further details on funding timelines, how to apply, the application criteria, and associated documentation, please visit the call for applications.

Further queries can be directed to Sarah Rudkin and Pete Morley at