Insigneo & Devices for Dignity sign a Memorandum of Understanding 

Insigneo & Devices for Dignity sign a Memorandum of Understanding 

New Strategic Partnership with Devices for Dignity

It is with considerable excitement that Insigneo announces a new cooperative agreement with the NIHR Devices for Dignity Healthcare Technology Co-operative (D4D) at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The new agreement – a formal ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ – builds on our previous close and informal relationship with D4D, to enhance our interactions, strengthen our commitment to work ever more closely, and increase the exposure of our network to D4D’s expertise, opportunities and priorities. This agreement is a recognition of the importance of the relationship between the two organisations, and we look forward to practical expressions of the increasing levels of cooperation over coming months.

Our Institute is committed to promoting amongst its membership an increased research focus on the technologies that can contribute to improving independence and quality of life for patients, and on specific problems that emerge from D4D where there is the possibility that the solution could be enhanced through the use of in silico medicine technologies. An example of an area of collaboration is through the use of computational fluid dynamics to analyse flow through urinary catheters, and how catheter blockage, a common clinical problem, could be reduced through design alterations.

You can learn more about D4D through their website,

We will keep you posted over the coming weeks and months about developments as they emerge.

Devices for Dignity (D4D) Healthcare Technology Co-operative is funded by the National Institute for Health Research to act as a catalyst within the NHS for the development of new medical devices, healthcare technologies and technology-dependent interventions. We focus on developing technology solutions to meet clinical needs and for chronic health conditions that are often overlooked and that are typically associated with loss of dignity and independence, and poor patient outcomes.