INSIGNEO Institute now Launched

The official launch of the INSIGNEO Institute took place on 9th May 2013.  Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sheffield and Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Executive of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust opened the event, welcoming participants and giving their public support to this exciting collaborative venture.

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Professor Mike Hounslow, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engineering, University of Sheffield, then gave a compelling talk on the timeliness of INSIGNEO and the reason the Institute has been established here in Sheffield.

Keynote speeches were given by Professor Denis Noble, the ‘father’ of in silico technologies; Dr Kedar Pandya, EPSRC Engineering Lead, Professor Jeremy Pearson, Associate Medical Director, British Heart Foundation and Dr Hans Hofstraat, Vice-president of Research, Philips. Earl Howe kindly recorded a speech to be broadcast at the event as he was called away at the last minute on parliamentary business.

An overview talk was given on INSIGNEO research modelling of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system by Professor Damien Lacroix; and on the INSIGNEO research modelling the respiratory-cardio-vascular system by Professor Rod Hose.  Both are key members of the INSIGNEO Institute.

Dr Keith McCormack outlined the scale of our industrial partnerships and necessity of collaborating nationally and internationally.

The final section of the day was led by Professor Wendy Tindale who gave the health perspective on the importance of in silico methods, outlining some of the clinical challenges which can only be met through our innovative technology.

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She then introduced talks from clinicians who described the ways in which they were beginning to work within INSIGNEO to develop tools to meet previously intractable clinical challenges:  Professor Dilly Anumba talked on ‘Modelling the Physiology of Human Parturition’, Dr Dinesh Selvarajah on ‘Diabetic Neuropathy and in silico Medicine’ and Dr Amaka Offiah on  ‘In silico Medicine and Child Abuse’.

There was an exhibition showing the breadth and depth of the work of INSIGNEO which ran throughout the day and showcased some of the current research of the Institute.

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