Governance Structure

Insigneo Governance Structure

The Governance structure for the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine comprises of a steering committee made up of Executives from the University and the Trust who are responsible for the appointment of the Executive Director and three members of the Insigneo Board. An additional four members can be co-opted to the board in response to a requirement for specific skills and roles.

The Board operates according to a published charter and all members can contribute to the governance of Insigneo by participating in thematic workgroups, which are created in response to specific requirements, to provide operational recommendations to the Board and the Executive Director on topics of interest.

In response to the significant growth that the Institute has experienced since its launch, the Steering Committee approved a new executive office in 2014, where the Executive Director, Professor Marco Viceconti will share his executive duties with selected board members: a new Scientific Director (Professor Rod Hose), a Director for Operations (Dr Andy Narracott), a Director for Research (Professor Damien Lacroix), and a Director for Translation and Training (Professor Pat Lawford).