UK Multiscale Biology Summer School

The aims of the UK Multiscale Biology Summer School are to introduce:

  • concepts of multiscale biology, data and modelling to a diverse audience;
  • the main classes of mathematical frameworks used to model biological systems at several scales;
  • important mathematical techniques used to tackle the intricacies of truly multi-scale phenomena;
  • key computational tools for the simulation and analysis of multi-scale biological systems;
  • successful case studies described by leading experts.

Examples will include applications to tissue growth, cancer, population dynamics, plant and crop science and ecosystems.

Practical Sessions will take place each day, focusing on a progression of computational techniques relevant to the school.

Target audience: Open to all. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with a biological background are particularly encouraged to attend. Some experience in modelling and/or data analysis would be beneficial but not essential.

This four day course will be held at the University Park campus of the University of Nottingham. Places are limited to 40 and applicants will be asked to give their background and motivation for attending (details on the mechanism will be announced soon). Priority will be given to applicants who will benefit most from the course. Applications will be reviewed in the order that they come in, until all 40 places are full.

Further details will be announced as soon as possible: